Man who accused Taaooma over false N1.5m skit issues public apology

The Twitter user @Olaondeck, has retracted his claims against the Comedienne Taaooma.

@Olaondeck, has issued a public apology to the Comedienne across his social media handle, He stated that he has never has a business transaction with the Comedienne Taaooma.

Ola owolabi shared a letter of apology across his social media handle which in it cleares that he has retracted his claims about Taaooma charging 1.5 million over a skit and refusing to make amends to the unsatisfied client.

According to him, he said he has never had a personal or business deals with Maryam Apaokagi AKA Taaooma.

He also stated that he never has intentions to bring any disrepute to the Comedienne’s reputation.

He quoted”please note that I didn’t intend to bring @Taaooma’s reputation to any form of disrepute, I sincerely apologised and regret any inconveniences that might have caused @Taaooma”

Ola owolabi’s apology came after Taaooma responses to the allegations by the filmmaker over the 1.5 million skit.

The Comedienne’s management company “the Greenade company” issued a statement on social media to clear the air.

The statement read in part:
“Taaooma and the management never had any communication or deal whatsoever with this person.

He is an alien to us until these false tweet”
Meanwhile ola owolabi have sincerely apologised and regretted his actions of which might have caused any inconveniences to the Comedienne and her company.



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